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Ranawara with Green Tea  consists solely of the flower of Cassia Auriculata Linn. This is a herbal tea blend with green tea. 


Active tea/ Ayurveda tea

Ranawara tea consists solely of the flower of the Cassia Auriculata Linn. This is a herbal tea blend with green tea. It can activate sexual vitality. In men, it can increase sperm count and increase potency. In women, it is said to have a balancing effect on the hormone system and relieve menstrual cramps. Our active tea helps with urinary problems, supports stomach cleansing and a clear complexion with a natural glow. It helps with diabetes. Active tea has a spicy aroma.

The Taste

Taste is a subjective term. It perfects our dishes, gives all cultures an incomparable liveliness and makes every sip of tea something special. The multiple flavor profiles of any tea beverage have the unique ability to bog down our taste buds and senses. There are a few ways to describe them - fruity, earthy, nutty and a plethora of other terms we use to describe the layered complexity of each infusion. With our tea, aromatic is the word that comes closest to the intense and captivating taste experience.

Subtle or succulent, fast or slow - how you experience this flavor is entirely up to you. Let your taste buds guide you in the preparation and you will undoubtedly enjoy every sip.


First of all, this drink is a natural and unprocessed product. However, it is important that it is properly prepared so that it can be consumed as a safe food. Since tea is a natural product, many varieties have to be infused with boiling water to kill any bacteria that may be present.

In order to achieve the best possible taste experience, we recommend adding boiling water to approx. 2 teaspoons of the product. To do this, the tea drug must be diluted with 150 to 200 milliliters of water. You should then let the drink steep for about 7-10 minutes and stir occasionally so that the flavors can develop fully. Now you can enjoy your fruit or herbal tea without hesitation and full of relaxation and calm.


The regular enjoyment and consumption of our product offers a number of advantages. Especially in winter we find inner peace with a warm cup on the couch. Regardless of whether a herbal or fruit tea bag melts in the cup. However, the combination of both can be particularly good for the soul.


It is up to you whether you want to drink a cup of herbal tea first thing in the morning or indulge in the cozy ritual later in the evening. Regardless of what time of day you drink your fruit and herbal tea, a cup of hot "cinnamon tea" has many positive effects on your body and soul. In certain cases, the type of tea is crucial for the effect. The tea we offer has several enjoyment benefits and can help you relax in everyday life. On Instagram and Facebook there are some examples of how our product can be enjoyed and prepared on our page.

Try the "Cinnamon Tea" for yourself and let the taste convince you!