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100% Original Ceylon Cinnamon Powder


The home of Ceylon cinnamon is in Sri Lanka (Ceylon). The golden-brown Ceylon cinnamon is considered the best type of cinnamon in the world and has a sweet, aromatic and warm aroma. But what is the difference between our Ceylon and Cassia cinnamon? The two varieties differ in particular in the coumarin content. Ceylon cinnamon has a much lower coumarin content than cassia cinnamon. Coumarin is a naturally occurring plant substance that can cause health problems in higher concentrations. In addition, our high-quality Ceylon cinnamon is less tart, bitter and pungent in taste.

Ceylon cinnamon is used to prepare baked apples, plum jam, rice pudding and other desserts, as well as to refine salty and meaty dishes with a light cinnamon note.

In European cakes, ground cinnamon is the classic Christmas season spice! Sweets and pastries such as stollen, biscuits, gingerbread etc. get their typical Christmassy touch with a pinch of ground cinnamon powder.

Hearty and exotic: In oriental and Asian cuisine, the spice with its unique aroma is also often used to season hearty meat dishes, couscous or rice dishes, curry dishes or lamb.

Special touch in drinks with cinnamon powder: The cinnamon powder brings a warm and velvety aroma into play in coffee, tea, punch and mulled wine.